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Duplex Medical Card Scanner ­ One-of-a-kind Card Scanning Solution!

Duplex Medical Card Scanner

One of the most efficient solutions available today to scan cards into a digital data for back up needs, general use and to send the information on the cards to relevant people is to use a card scanner. Card scanners are the perfect solution that truly simplifies the way people handle insurance cards data. They can help save valuable typing time and to prevent human errors. One of the most efficient and amazing solutions that were specifically designed to provide a tailored solution for scanning medical cards is a duplex medical card scanner.

Why a duplex medical card scanner is needed?

Scanning cards is easy if you use a good card scanner that suits your own specific needs. By using a card scanner and dedicated scanning software you will have no problem learning how you can transform the data on the card to digital information. Using a medical card scanning solution is a great way to shorten the following processes ­ back up medical cards data, edit the data with different medical applications and even send the data over the mail.

If this sounds like an effective solution, imagine your self what is the impact of using a duplex medical card scanner that has the ability to simultaneously scan both sides of the card. This will dramatically upgrade the efficiency of this process as the scanned data can instantly be used by different types of medical applications. The effect of a duplex medical card scanner device on your daily life will be significant.

The ScanShell medical card scanning solution

If you are looking for a professional duplex medical card scanner then you should consider the following scanners ­ the ScanShell 800DXN A6 duplex scanner and the ScanShell 3100DN A4 duplex scanner. Before buying a medical card scanning solution carefully review the specifications of these two stunning compact and portable scanners. Here is a short overview:

  • The ScanShell 800DXN A6 duplex medical card scanner - This truly friendly and easy-to-use sheet fed color scanner can scan not only medical cards but also other personal cards as driver licenses and corporate ID Cards. This fast and lightweight scanner can be hook-up to a PC or a laptop by using any standard USB 2.0 connection without the need to any external power.
  • The ScanShell 3100DN A4 duplex medical card scanner - A similar portable high speed mini scanner that can scan all document types up to an A4 format including plastic ID cards and passports. It can be used in or outside the office for different scanning needs.

Both scanners are bundled with the DocShell® scanning software that scans documents and exports the scanned image into existing, pre-installed applications.

Duplex Medical Card Scanner

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