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Using the Insurance Card Reader at University Clinics

Insurance card reader

Identification verification equipment is an important technology used to help universities ensure the efficient processing of thousands of students on a daily basis. As soon as they arrive on campus, new students must immediately confirm their registration by obtaining a plastic student ID card. They can use this card to enter dorms, access cafeterias, and even buy supplies in campus stores. If a student needs to visit the clinic, however, they’ll need more than their student ID c ard. They’ll also need their insurance card to be scanned by the clinic’s insurance card reader.

Sticking to the university’s success with student ID card technology, the insurance card reader is the university clinic’s solution to maintaining an organized and helpful student medical service. With the insurance card reader, clinic staff can quickly discover the insurance situation of any student. The insurance card reader provides an instant, 3-second scan on all insurance cards. The speed of the reader helps staff provide faster patient services; the accuracy of the reader helps staff understand each unique insurance situation and bill students accordingly.

Each student arrives at university with a different insurance situation. They may have purchased their own independent insurance policy, be covered by their parents’ policy, or invested in the university-issued insurance. There are literally thousands of different companies and policy options. Clinic personnel need the insurance card reader to identify each student’s individual policy. Without the reader, a clinic receptionist may be at a loss to try and figure out the different cards, companies and policy numbers that students offer her on a daily basis. Having an insurance card reader means verifying quickly and accurately that a student has viable, updated insurance. It also leads to greater ease in determining the policy’s benefits, co-pay amounts, and other tricky details.

Students enter university clinics for many reasons ­ mononucleosis, Ultimate Frisbee-induced sprained ankles, or stomach viruses that often follow cafeterias’ bean burrito nights. When the student enters, the receptionist can ask for his insurance card. The insurance card will be run through the insurance card reader; within three seconds, the card information will be read and uploaded onto the clinic computer database. The student will quickly be identified, his policy verified.

After this, the student can promptly see an on-staff doctor without worrying about how he will afford the visit. Once he has been treated, the student will receive the clinic bill to forward to his insurance company. Should the insurance company have questions, they can be directed to the clinic staff. With all of the student’s updated information, staff members can easily assist the companies with competence. In the case of a student using university-issued insurance, his visit can simply be billed to his university account to be paid at the end of the semester.

Using the insurance card reader greatly eases the every day duties of university clinic staff. For simple, fast student processing, try modernizing your clinic with the reader today.

Insurance card reader

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