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Insurance card scanner
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The Insurance Card Scanner Provides Professional Services for Physical Therapy Offices

Insurance card scanner

The insurance card scanner is a professional addition to any modern medical office. The insurance card scanner provides a wide variety of services to a busy private practice, helping to cut down on both the time spent dealing with insurance companies as well as the time spent receiving patients to the office. While these functions are applicable to any branch of the medical field, they are particularly well-suited for the private physical therapy clinic.

Many patients who seek out the services of physical therapists do so with the encouragement of an insurance company. Whether they were injured on the job, were involved in a road accident, or need rehabilitation for any other reason, physical therapy patients often receive permission from an insurance company to undergo professional treatment. That’s where the insurance card scanner comes in to play. With an insurance card scanner already incorporated into a physical therapy office, the office prepares itself to handle the wide variety of insurance claims and information that are guaranteed to pass across its busy desks in a professional and technological manner.

The insurance card scanner is one of the most recent advances in medical management technology. The small machine is capable of scanning any medical insurance card within a matter of three seconds. Once the information is scanned, it can then be uploaded to an office’s pre-existing computer database system to be incorporated into patients’ files. The insurance card scanner attaches to a computer via a simple USB cable; it does not require its own power source, thus saving both energy and space in an already crowded office.

Once hooked up to the computer, the scanner can be programmed to direct information to any chosen source. The text and images pulled from insurance cards can be applied to a number of important office functions, including digital archiving, attachment to patients’ medical forms, and the distribution of patient information to pre-designed insurance forms. These forms can be automatically filled in by a program and printed out, minimizing the time that both patients and secretaries have to deal with paper forms. In addition, the information can be easily attached to e-mails for quick online exchanges with insurance companies.

In spite of the fact that it can perform all of these excellent organizational functions, the insurance card scanner is a small and compact device. It features an extremely professional design, a sleek outer shell, and a small footprint that allows it to rest on a desk without intruding on much-needed office space. The insurance card scanner not only increases the output of an office while minimizing the workload, but also enhances the professional atmosphere in a private physical therapy practice. When patients enter the office and see high-tech equipment like the scanner in frequent use by the staff, they will be impressed by both its appearance and efficiency in helping to manage important medical tasks.

Insurance card scanner

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