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Insurance card scanner
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The Insurance Card Scanner ­ It Provides you the Insurance you Need!

Insurance card scanner

Insurance cards typically have crucial data that’s imprinted on its plastic surface, as well as the insurance holder’s image. Normally, a person would present the card to either a medical clerk or receptionist at the doctor’s office or emergency room, and then the patient would complete an admissions or registration form. That completed form would then enable the clerk to then register the patient for the necessary services. If the clerk needed to verify information, he would simply ask you the necessary questions. What happens, however, when the patient is too young or too sick to fill out the forms or answer any questions? Enter the MedicScan®, the amazing insurance card scanner.

This truly amazing piece of equipment reads and uploads insurance card information within a matter of seconds. The insurance card scanner basically scans and reads the embossed card and then digitalizes that information by utilizing optical character recognition (OCR) technology. That digitalized information can then be uploaded to just about any application (i.e. email, database, medical form, etc.). The insurance card scanner and its accompanied software package can even upload the insurance card data into the right fields on a medical form. Let’s say that you wanted to place the date of birth information and the patient’s address into the corresponding fields on the insurance form. Simply swipe the patient’s card through the insurance card scanner and the data will be placed in the appropriate fields in less than five seconds. No longer do you have to take the time to write the data into a hardcopy form. The insurance card scanner and software will do that for you ­ faster and more legibly. Imagine the time that will be saved in using the insurance card scanner. It can free you up for more important tasks that you need to take care of.

Not only can the scanner digitally upload the data to the application of your choice, but it can also digitalize and upload the image of a patient. Now you can have a copy of the patient’s image permanently saved on your computer. This feature can be extremely beneficial in order to verify I.D. in future visits. Suppose that a patient comes to your office without the insurance card. He’s a relatively new patient so you can’t verify that it’s actually him at the counter. He tells you his medical record number but there’s no image of him in your system that can verify his identification. With the insurance card scanner, these problems would be a thing of the past. You would have swiped his insurance card on the first visit and had his image uploaded to the form. You would then simply search for his file on his next visit (when he forgot his card) and verify his identification against his digitalized picture.

With an insurance card scanner, you’re ensured of getting the data and image digitalized each and every time.

Insurance card scanner

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