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Insurance Card Scanner ­ the Medical Office’s Dream

Insurance card scanner

One side of a busy medical practice business that many people are unaware of is the billing aspect. Patients come and go each day (sometimes as many as 50 or 60 people in a busy office) to be seen and treated by their doctor. To them, the office visit ends when they leave the doctor’s office. Not so with the office staff. In fact, their job just begins. They need to process the appropriate paperwork so that the office gets paid. If the documentation is incorrect, illegible, or incomplete, payment can be either denied or delayed, which can negatively affect just about everything in a busy medical practice. To ensure that the paperwork aspect runs smoothly, the office should utilize an insurance card scanner, a scanning device that effectively eliminates both errors and time-wasting procedures.

The insurance card scanner is an amazing piece of equipment. This high-speed device (along with its bundled software) can literally save an office thousands of dollars in potential mistakes, just by taking the time to scan insurance cards. Here’s how the insurance card scanner works.

You place the card through the insurance card scanner, and within seconds its data and image is uploaded to a powerful database that has all the usual database features: sort, store, retrieve, and even export. That means that this small, high-tech device can export data to an insurance company for billing, all in a matter of seconds. Forget about the calls on hold or the endless copying and faxing to insurance companies to receive payment!

Picture the following case. The medical office receptionist has copied the cards of seven or eight new patients during the week. Usually, she would need to fax the copy of the insurance card to the insurance company and await payment (pending any phone calls regarding illegible copies). If the copy was not received or hard to read, payment could be delayed by a couple of months.

With an insurance card scanner, this scenario would never occur. The receptionist would merely scan the card through the insurance card scanner and sit back, and watch the scanner and software do their magic! Within seconds, the insurance card info and data is extracted to the system’s database. Not only can use see the insurance information placed in the appropriate fields (i.e. name, address, insurance company name), but also the card’s digital image has been reproduced. Now, when the receptionist needs to send the new patient’s insurance details, all she needs to do is export the information and captured image to the insurance company. No longer does she need to copy, fax, or wait for a call weeks later telling her that the insurance card copies were illegible. With the reliable insurance card scanner, she completes her work with more confidence, knowing that the office will be paid in a timely fashion.

Insurance card scanner

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