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Ophthalmologists Benefit from the Insurance Card Scanner

Insurance card scanner

Ophthalmologists perform a myriad of services, whether it’s a general check-up to rule out any eye diseases or even performing surgery for such medical conditions as cataracts and retinal detachments. With such varied services, office personnel need to be highly organized and efficient so that the ophthalmologist’s office receives timely payment from insurance carriers. One such device that can assist staff in ensuring timely payment and in creating an efficient office atmosphere is the insurance card scanner.

The insurance card scanner basically digitalizes the insurance billing process. This high-tech device uses advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology to scan and read both data and images, and then uploads that information or card image to the computer application of your choice (i.e. MS Word, database, medical record form, FTP, or even web address). With the insurance card scanner, that means that the receptionist no longer needs to take the time to manually type or write in medical information onto the medical form. It reduces errors that can delay payment for expensive ophthalmology procedures and cuts down the amount of time spent on filling out forms, which means more time is available for following up with insurance companies to ensure timely payment.

The insurance card scanner also creates a more organized and efficient front office. Without the use of this scanner, an office would be bogged down with copying endless insurance cards and typing never-ending data onto medical insurance forms. Little time would be left for customer service. If an ophthalmologist office is particularly busy, then mistakes in filling out forms could even be the norm. With the card scanner, these problems would be greatly reduced. Staff would merely swipe the insurance cards into the scanner and within seconds the data and card image is uploaded to the appropriate application. No more need for those bulky file cabinets anymore either, since everything would be digitalized. That means that the office space could be better utilized for more important things. In its place would be an insurance card scanner, which takes up less space than a laptop computer. It’s even portable enough (weighing less than 18 ounces) that it could be moved from desk to desk if necessary.

With such obvious benefits, the insurance card scanner is a required piece of equipment for any busy, modern-day ophthalmology office.

Insurance card scanner

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