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The Insurance Card Scanner Brings the Podiatry Office into the 21st Century

Insurance card scanner

Even though most people might not think about it, podiatry offices are usually very busy places. In any given day, a busy podiatry practice might see some 30 to 40 patients per day, and even more for a bigger clinic with a few different podiatrists. With so much patient care, it’s imperative that the front office maintains an efficient medical record keeping system for accurate patient billing; otherwise, a podiatrist’s office can suffer from delayed payment from insurance carriers. One way to insure timely payment is to include the insurance card scanner as part of a podiatrist’s front office.

The insurance card scanner is a sleek piece of office equipment for any modern-day operation. This high-tech insurance card reader scans and reads insurance cards and then uploads that information though bundled software to just about any given application or file (i.e. medical record forms, databases, MS word, etc.), all within a few seconds time. That means that the front office doesn’t have to manually type in any insurance card information such as the patient’s name, address, and insurance coverage, on to the insurance form. This rids the office of any unintentional mistakes that are made on the insurance forms. That’s crucial since just one error that’s made on the form (i.e. incorrect medical record number or incorrect spelling of a patient name) can delay payment for several months.

The insurance card scanner can also scan and upload images of insurance cards. Front office personnel no longer need to make copies of the insurance cards and file them in huge filing cabinets. With a digitalized system, the staff merely needs to swipe the card and within seconds the office has a digitalized version that can be archived forever. This process also eliminates the problem of having illegible copies of insurance cards, which can also delay payment of podiatry visits.

Not only does the insurance card scanner help ensure faster payment from insurance companies, but it also streamlines the work of the office staff. Now, instead of frantically searching for a copy of the card whenever the insurance carrier calls, all that needs to be done is to send an email with an attachment of the digitalized card.

With timely payment of insurance claims crucial for any successful podiatry office, the insurance card scanner is a must-have addition.

Insurance card scanner

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