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Personal Injury Law Goes Digital with the Medical Card Reader

Medical Card Reader

Personal injury law is one of the most competitive fields within legal practice. Unlike Trust and Estates, Adoption, and Contract attorneys, personal injury lawyers are often seen advertising their services on billboards, TV commercials, and in the Yellow Pages. One of the ways in which a personal injury practice can distinguish themselves from the others is by operating in a professional and efficient manner without participating in the public struggle for clients. To elevate one’s practice into this realm requires both victories and, subsequently, an excellent reputation. That’s where the medical card reader comes in.

A medical card reader scans and reads medical insurance cards with incredible accuracy and efficiency. With the medical card reader, a personal injury office makes a move forward, away from the office clutter of paper files and into the cool and efficient digital future. The medical card reader is not only an excellent organizational tool, but also an impressive office feature that signals to clients that your firm is serious and successful. That impression, in turn, helps to boost the good reputation that your firm needs to attract new clients.

The medical card reader features a sleek outer shell that will fit right into a technologically advanced office space. The small footprint and light weight of the reader make it an unobtrusive addition to a busy desk area. In fitting with its effort to blend into a pre-existing office scene with minimal disturbance, the medical card reader is also light on hardware. In fact, it can be connected to a computer through a simple USB cable. There are no other bulky cords, wires, or antennas to deal with ­ the card reader doesn’t even require an outlet because it extracts its power from the computer itself.

This small package packs a powerful technological punch. The reader has the ability to scan and read insurance card information in a matter of seconds. To perform a scan, one simply needs to take an insurance card and pass it through the medical card reader. The information found on the card will be transferred through the reader and uploaded onto the computer in no time. Once uploaded, the information can be used for any number of important tasks. In a personal injury office, this may include updating a client’s electronic file, using the data from the card to fill out electronic forms, and digitally archiving the information for storage and communication purposes.

The medical card reader can vastly improve the efficiency of a personal injury law office. Receptionists, secretaries and attorneys can use the reader to quickly gather clients’ insurance information without requiring them to dig up long-forgotten policy details. The faster this service, the faster the client can be taken care of. In addition, keeping updated records, e-mailing insurance companies, and referencing policies will be improved tenfold with the use of the reader.

Medical card reader

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