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Private Medical Practices Need the Medical Card Scanner

Medical Card Scanner

Discover a whole new way to register patients and store information with a medical card scanner. Perfect for use in a private medical business, the medical card scanner will help organize your office into a professional and efficient practice.

The medical card scanner uses advanced technology to scan, read and process medical and insurance cards. The device is perfectly suited for use on a desktop next to a receptionist’s or secretary’s computer. Its small footprint, sleek shell, and quiet processing technique won’t disturb any part of a busy office environment. Another advantage of the medical card scanner is its ability to connect to any computer program with a simple cable hookup. It doesn’t require its own power source or outlet, and it won’t drain any resources normally used for other technological processes. With just one cable, it is able to be fully integrated to most computer database programs.

Once integrated, the medical card scanner can send and receive information from whichever software program you are using. Through this connection, the scanner is able to upload information from medical and insurance cards and input it into your database. This information can be directed to automatically fill out forms with a smart feature that coordinates scanned information and specific form fields. The name that the scanner reads on the medical card will automatically be filed into the name field on a form, the insurance policy to its field, and so on. This simplifies secretarial tasks immensely. Not only is a great way to keep information accurate and organized in a computer database, but it’s also a great way to speed up customer registration in the system. With the medical card scanner, the forms that were automatically filled in can now be printed out and passed on to patients, who simply have to add additional data and sign them.

Some scanners are even capable of scanning cards and saving them as whole images in a database program. Not only will there be a text record of the patient’s medical and insurance information, there will also be a complete image of the front and back of the card. Having a detail like a card image makes data more recognizable, and helps with information searching and processing. Comparing the actual card to the image can also be a great way to quickly verify a patient’s identity and information every time they visit.

Medical card scanner

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