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Scan Pet Insurance with the Medical Card Scanner

Medical Card Scanner

In the last decade, the pet industry has undergone a head-to-toe makeover ­ literally! The huge market of animal lovers and their pampered pets has been transformed with the availability of high-end services like doggie manicures and Italian-designer chinchilla sweaters. Due in part to a renewed interest in animals, including their treatment and healthcare, it’s even possible to purchase animal insurance today. In order to accommodate concerned pet parents, veterinary offices are turning to the medical card scanner to process new insurance information.

The medical card scanner is an advanced piece of machinery generally used to read insurance cards. When applied to a veterinarian office, however, the medical card scanner can also be used to read pet insurance cards. As more and more pet owners are taking out insurance on their beloved friends, the veterinarian world is responding by integrating important management technology like the medical card scanner to update and modernize the field.

The creation of pet insurance has caused veterinarians to re-evaluate the way that they do business. Now that pet owners can purchase life insurance, injury protection, and other forms of security for their fluffy friends, the entire pay structure in a veterinarian office must be re-adjusted to account for these new considerations. In addition to financial changes, the veterinary office must also respond to pet insurance by adjusting their office management and record keeping techniques. That’s where the medical card scanner comes in.

The medical card scanner is a cost-efficient piece of high technology equipment that helps bridge the gap between the old world of veterinary management to the new, high-tech world of veterinary management. The scanner essentially helps veterinary staff scan, read and process pet insurance cards. Instead of manually typing all of the information into a computer database, or waiting for an ancient copy machine to make a flimsy paper copy of the document, staff can instead use the scanner to digitalize both processes.

With a medical card scanner, a pet’s insurance card can be scanned in a matter of three seconds. The information is then uploaded to a computer software program via a simple USB connection. Within five seconds of scanning the card, the staff member already has all of the card’s text and, if using an advanced scanner, the whole card image uploaded and saved. That beats typing in insurance policy numbers, contact information, and other statistical information into a computer. It also gives staff members more time to attend to the customers and their pets instead of dealing with office work.

The medical card scanner can help make the process of upgrading a veterinary office into a smooth transition. Understanding how to use the user-friendly technology doesn’t require much additional training, and it will seriously minimize the time spent by staff crunching numbers and dealing with dry data. Cater to clients and their new insurance in a professional manner when you incorporate the scanning technology into your office.

Medical card scanner

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