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Medical card scanner
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The Medical Card Scanner ­ a Must for all Health Care Establishments

Medical Card Scanner

In today’s sophisticated and modern high-tech world, no health care establishment should go without having the best and most advanced technologies available. That includes high-tech x-ray machines and other state-of-the-art medical equipment, cutting-edge medical database systems, and up-to-the-minute computer based, network systems. One piece of hardware that is a must in any high-tech environment is the medical card scanner machine.

This amazing piece of equipment scans and reads medical cards, and then uploads that information to a computer application or file, all in a matter of seconds. Through the use of optical character recognition (OCR) technology, the medical card scanner is able to upload both data and images and then extract that information to a system’s database or medical form. For example, a client’s birth date can be extracted from the card and then placed in a patient’s medical form with a simple swipe of the card. The same goes for just about any other piece of data on the card. That means no more manually typing birth dates, medical record numbers, addresses, etc., into a health care establishment’s form. What used to take up to 15 minutes to complete now only takes seconds. That incredible achievement can free up precious time for staff to take care of more pressing matters.

Another benefit of the medical card scanner is that staff can simply email medical card images to the corporate office once that image is uploaded to the computer. Prior to the medical card scanner, staff would need to make a copy of the card and then fax it to the corporate office. Now, they simply swipe the card through the medical card scanner, and within seconds, the corporate office receives a digitalized version of the client’s card. That digitalized version is superior to any faxed version that might be received. It also provides a copy of the card that can be archived for future use, unlike a faxed copy’s print that would be difficult to deceiver in just a few years’ time.

The best part of the medical card scanner is its small, unobtrusive size that can fit undetected in a sleek medical office. With its own power source, the medical card scanner only needs a simple, everyday USB cable to scan and upload data and images to a computer’s file, database, or just about any other application.

Medical card scanner

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