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The Medical Card Scanner Improves Efficiency in Nursing Homes

Medical Card Scanner

In the last 20 years or so, nursing homes, like other health care establishments, have been modernizing their business office operations. Keeping abreast with the newest high-tech gadgets is crucial in maintaining the highest level of care possible. Even though it might not seem connected to patient care, utilizing the best and most advanced business office technology has a direct effect on the nursing home’s ability to provide quality medical care. One such device that helps nursing homes provide that quality care is the medical card scanner.

The medical card scanner is an incredible piece of equipment that allows a business office to automate its medical card filing system. In essence, the medical card scanner takes the antiquated hard copy filing system of medical cards and converts it into a convenient, digital system. Here’s how it works. The medical card is swiped through the medical card scanner, which then scans and reads both the data and images of the medical card. Within seconds, this smart device (through its bundled software) uploads that information to a file, database, medical form, or just about any other application. That means that the patient’s birth date, home address, medical record number, etc., can be automatically downloaded into a nursing home’s intake form or medical record form. No more typing or manually writing a medical card’s information into these nursing home forms would be necessary. Copies of the card’s image would also be archived in the system, which means that copies that need to be made would be clear and legible each time.

Here’s what that automated process would mean to patient care. Let’s say that a patient in the nursing home goes into cardiac arrest. 911 is called and within five minutes they arrive. Without a medical card scanner, the business office would have to make a copy of the manually typed or written medical card form and then give it to the ambulance driver. Hopefully, no mistakes were made on the intake data, and the information is legible. With a medical card reader, these possible problems would never occur. The data is automatically uploaded from the card and the copy of the form is clear and legible every single time since it’s printed out from the original, computer generated form. That means the ambulance driver receives accurate and legible information each and every time.

Medical card scanner

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