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Medical Card Scanner Looking For a Scanner? Short Guide!

Medical Card Scanner

Using a medical card scanner can make your life much easier. The ability to scan the image and the text on both sides of the card can significantly improve the way you handle, back up and send important patience's information. Once the decision has been taken to purchase a medical card scanner you must be aware to several aspects when considering which scanner to buy. Are you one step before purchasing a medical card scanner? Read the following before going a head.

How does it work?

A medical card scanner device is controlled by dedicated simple-to-use scanning software. The scanner is usually small and can be carried around anywhere you go. Once there is a need to scan a card, all you need to do is connect the medical card scanner to a laptop or a PC in your office or home, load the software and start scanning. The final result will be a digital file which you can easily back up, edit or send over the mail.

The scanning technology

One of the key advantages of using a good and professional medical card scanner is the capability to scan high quality images but also the text on the card. This is possible thanks to an amazing technology which is known as the OCR technology. It examines scanned bitmap images of machine-printed text and translates the characters into ASCII text files that can be edited. This powerful feature provides the user a truly efficient way to save priceless time by automatically providing text information which usually needs to be edit.

Medical card scanner: Top five key futures

  • (1) Duplex scanning scans both sides of the card in one scan.
  • (2) Automatic page-feed detection and scanning processes.
  • (3) Small, lightweight and can fit any bag.
  • (4) USB connection no need for external power.
  • (5) Extensive export capabilities.

Medical card scanner: Top three benefits

  • (1) A tool to improve the level of service you are providing your patients.
  • (2) Save the trees! A solution that can help you consume less paper while working.
  • (3) Dramatically changes the efficiency of your work and reduce human errors to minimum.

Before buying a scanner

Before actually buying a medical card scanner you must check if the scanner can fully answer your needs speed, duplex scanning, resolution, scanner size, scanning software and of course the price. Another important factor is to check the company behind the product. Buying a medical card scanner from a company that specializes in this field is highly recommended. Carefully check the buying and return policies and the availability of the company's customer service department.

Medical card scanner

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