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Medical Cards Scanning for Camps

Medical Card Scanning

There are a wide variety of camps around the world that invite people of all ages to participate in shared physical activity. For these types of camps, which are often established in remote areas, it’s important to provide the best in quality healthcare. In order to fulfill this task, camps are beginning to perform medical cards scanning to ensure that they have all of a participants’ vital health information. By taking their responsibility to provide full and complete care to participants seriously through medical cards scanning, camps not only earn the trust of their participants and their families, but also prepare themselves to deal with emergency situations.

Medical cards scanning is a relatively new approach to gathering healthcare information. To facilitate medical cards scanning, camps must first adopt the medical card scanner, a small and compact machine that is able to quickly and accurately perform scans on medical and insurance cards. The scanner is a technologically advanced piece of equipment that works similarly to a generic scanner, but at a much faster speed. Its small footprint and ergonomic design make it a perfect fit into a busy workplace without cluttering the area.

To conduct medical cards scanning, the machine only requires a connection to a PC through a USB cable; it does not require its own power outlet to function. Once connected to the PC, the scanner can then be established to integrate with the existing software to create a user-friendly working situation. Staff members can simply scan medical cards through the machine, wait a mere three seconds for the medical cards scanning to be complete, and then receive the data from the card, including text, photos, and even the whole card image, into their database. Once the information has been uploaded, the scanner can then function as it has been programmed to, inserting the information wherever you instruct it to do so. For example, if you want the information to go into a pre-designed form, the name will automatically be inserted into the name field of the form, the policy to the policy field, and so on.

Having medical cards scanning technology on hand is a great way for camps to stay on top of their medical records. Instead of keeping paper files and simple photocopies of insurance cards, the whole process can be digitalized for ensured preservation and archival. When campers show up to the camp, registering and processing them will be shortened immensely with the aid of the medical cards scanning apparatus.

Once camps have accurately acquired insurance information, they can access it immediately whenever an emergency situation arises. If a child should fall during a horseback ride, if a white water rafter should become stranded in the rapids, or if a participant should become injured during any number of physical activities, the insurance information will be on hand to help guide camp supervisors in the actions that need to be taken next.

Medical card scanning

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