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MedicScan® in the Emergency Room


MedicScan® is the medical card scanner and software package that is revolutionizing the medical industry. With the ability to scan insurance cards in mere seconds, MedicScan® is transforming the way that we look at insurance card data and archiving. With its advanced technological functions, MedicScan® sets a new standard for the way that medical facilities should operate. In the emergency room in particular, MedicScan® is a vital tool in ensuring that patient care is conducted with the utmost speed and accuracy.

MedicScan® uses only the newest technology. Incorporated into the MedicScan® scanner and the MedicScan® software, this technology helps medical facilities stay up-to-date and relevant in today’s hi-tech world. As a combined package, MedicScan® is a user-friendly program that doesn’t require any additional tools. All users need to do to integrate MedicScan® is to simply install the MedicScan® software, connect the MedicScan® scanner to the computer via a USB cable, and the MedicScan® program will begin performing its incredible works. MedicScan® is truly the all-inclusive insurance card scanning package.

In fact, the small and sleek MedicScan® device is the perfect accompaniment to a busy emergency room station. With its small footprint and unobtrusive design, MedicScan® easily fits onto a crowded desk without taking up unnecessary space. Its use will even eliminate the need for bulky equipment like scanners and copy machines in the area. Another bonus to the scanner’s design is that it does not require its own power source; one more outlet can be saved for important medical equipment needed in the ER. MedicScan® simply hooks up to a computer via a USB cable, which supplies it with enough power to sustain its functions.

Once set up like this, the scanner can scan both sides of an insurance card in mere seconds, spending only two to three seconds scanning each side. The MedicScan® software will automatically open when the scanner is engaged, simplifying the staff’s tasks. Once uploaded, the data is immediately given a file name and saved in the method of your choice: as a JPG, tif, bitmap or other file. The MedicScan® data can then be attached to a patient’s chart, applied to fill out a patient’s insurance form, and be archived with a patient’s file.

In an emergency room, MedicScan® is invaluable as a time-saving tool. Not only is MedicScan® beneficial in managing and organizing a busy ER desk, it’s also the best way to handle insurance information in emergency cases. If the ER receives a patient who has been injured in a car crash, they must turn to the patient’s friends or family to obtain his insurance information. In times of need, these concerns are difficult to endure. In order to simplify the process, staff can use MedicScan®. With MedicScan®, the insurance card must simply be handed over and scanned into the MedicScan® program to generate an insurance form and be archived. In their moment of need, patients and their families don’t have to suffer with filling out time consuming insurance forms.


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