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MedicScan® is Transforming Medical Management


In an industry as large as the medical business, staying organized is one of medical workers’ most challenging tasks. As the industry constantly evolves, introducing new medical equipment, technology, research, and a high turnover of employees and patients, the need for quality medical management is at its highest point. MedicScan®, the combination package of the MedicScan® scanner and MedicScan® software, is helping industry professionals stay on top of their life-saving duties. With the help of MedicScan®, medical management is becoming a more efficient and accurate practice.

MedicScan® helps organize medical processes. By quickly and accurately scanning insurance cards, MedicScan® is transforming the way that medical employees manage data. In addition, MedicScan® is introducing a new means of assisting patients. With the MedicScan® scanner and MedicScan® software used in combination, the MedicScan® package provides a high-speed way to handle customers’ insurance information. With the swift MedicScan® technology comes the ability to reduce patient-employee interaction. Simply put, MedicScan® minimizes the time that patients spend to be approved for admission to medical services, and instead allows them to receive the treatment they need much faster.

In this way, MedicScan® not only helps medical management workers incorporate hi-tech insurance card scanning into their daily functions, but also helps save lives. Here’s an example of how MedicScan® can help do just that. Some patients who arrive at hospitals, clinics or private practices for medical treatment may be in critical condition without knowing it. They may feel pain, but not understand just what the pain means. As they sit in the office or hospital reception filling out endless form after endless form, their condition may be worsen. By the time they receive professional care, it may be too late to help them.

With MedicScan® technology, however, patients never again have to wait so long to see a doctor. By using the MedicScan® scanner, receptionists can simply scan a patients’ insurance card and upload the information onto the MedicScan® computer software. Once uploaded, MedicScan® ensures that the insurance card information is automatically saved under a unique file name. The information can then be used for a number of different applications, including the automatic filling out of standard insurance forms via MedicScan® software. Simply direct the MedicScan® program to transfer the insurance card information to your pre-designed form. Each category, such as name, insurance company, and policy number, will automatically be filled in on the appropriate form field. With MedicScan®, receptionists need just three seconds to scan a card, a few more seconds to transfer the data, and then to print out the completed form. The patient just needs to verify and sign! MedicScan® has not only reduced the time and effort that go into this process, but also made it more accurate. Forget about illegible handwriting, spelling mistakes, and blank form fields ­ MedicScan® eliminates all of these issues!

Organize and archive insurance data while ensuring that patients see doctors faster when you incorporate MedicScan® technology into your medical practice today.


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