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MedicScan® in Nursery Schools


Nursery schools are lively places where children first experience group-age interaction. It’s a place where children learn how to play together, away from their parent’s careful and protective watch. For the majority of time, kids come home happy and healthy each and every day. What happens, however, when one of the children becomes sick or has an injury and requires immediate emergency medical attention? Enter the MedicScan® scanning device.

How does it work?
The MedicScan® device is a simple to use, high-tech device that scans and reads insurance card information in less than five seconds. Through its optical character recognition (OCR) technology, the MedicScan® converts hard copy info into usable, digital form. That digital information (text data and image form) can then be uploaded to the computer’s database for further extraction to just about any application or form.

MedicScan® at work
Let’s say that one of the children at the nursery school was injured after falling from a tree. The child needs to be immediately seen at the ER for possible fractures. Both parents work far from the nursery school and are unable to arrive at the school within a reasonable time. With no alternative, the ambulance is called to take the child (with a supervising adult) to the ER. When the paramedics arrive, they request a copy of the insurance card. When the nursery school administrator pulls the child’s chart, the insurance information is illegible. In a panic, the staff tries to reach the parents, which delays the transfer to the ER by another 10 minutes.

With the MedicScan® device, this unfortunate lack of preparedness would never occur. If the nursery school had a MedicScan® device on the premises, staff would merely need to open the computer’s "insurance card" file and then make a copy of the insurance card for the paramedics. No more problems of illegibility (or missing information) would occur with the MedicScan® device. Thanks to MedicScan®, the child could be transported to the ER in record time.

Some features of the MedicScan® device
The MedicScan® device is portable enough to be used in just about any school environment. With its sleek, lightweight and ergonomic design, MedicScan® can be an obtrusive addition to just about any location. MedicScan® is easy to use as well for non-technologically oriented individuals. All that’s required is to swipe the insurance card through the MedicScan® device and the information is automatically uploaded to the computer’s database. Once it’s in the database, the data can then be easily transferred to a medical form or any other record or file.

Another great feature of the MedicScan® device is that it requires no separate power source. MedicScan® hooks up to a computer via a USB cable, similar to a printer or a digital camera.

MedicScan® is more than just a scanning device ­ MedicScan® actually saves valuable time in crucial medical situations.


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