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With today’s high-tech world, filling out the medical section of forms by hand should be a thing of the past. That should be true for any environment, whether it’s a medical office, a hospital, or even a gym. All that’s required is an insurance card-scanning device like MedicScan®, which can handle any insurance card scanning needs that arise.

MedicScan® Technology
The MedicScan® device, bundled together with its MedicScan® software, scans and reads insurance cards and then uploads the information into the computer’s database or any other application in less than five seconds. MedicScan® achieves this by utilizing optical recognition technology, which digitalizes the information. MedicScan® can even load the data in the appropriate fields in a company’s forms. For instance, the card’s medical record number can be uploaded to the form’s corresponding medical record field, while the client’s address can be uploaded to the address field.

Not only can the MedicScan® device upload the data to a particular application, but also MedicScan® can digitally upload and permanently archive the card’s image to the file. That’s especially helpful if the insurance card has a picture; that way, the receptionist can always double-check the identity of a client against the insurance card image.

MedicScan® is also convenient when data needs to be transferred from branch to branch. If a client wants to visit another location, then the receptionist merely needs to search the company’s overall database for the particular client’s information, or can even email that branch a request for the information. Now, instead of a client filling out duplicate forms, the receptionist merely needs to call up the data from her computer’s database or send an email request.

MedicScan® fits in nicely in any environment
What’s nice about MedicScan® is that it’s suitable for just about any environment, even in a stylish gym. With it’s small, sleek design, and modern look, the MedicScan® device won’t even be noticeable at the receptionist’s desk. MedicScan® doesn’t even need its own power source; the MedicScan® device merely needs to be connected to the computer or laptop with a simple USB cable.

MedicScan® in action
Another great feature of the MedicScan® device is that it requires no separate power source. MedicScan® hooks up to a computer via a USB cable, similar to a printer or a digital camera.

Let’s say that you walk into a gym and apply for membership. As part of the application process, you would need to fill out the appropriate medical insurance card information. Without MedicScan®, you would fill out that data, as legible as possible. Hopefully, the receptionist and other staff will be able to read your information. With MedicScan®, however, the receptionist would simply scan your card through the device and your data would be uploaded within seconds to a database that contains insurance card information for all members of the gym. No one would have to second-guess what’s written on a form’s insurance information ever again, which could also be extremely helpful in case of an emergency situation.

MedicScan® can turn any environment into an efficient, 21st century wonder.


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