Medicscan - Insurance card scanner
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MedicScan® - Insurance card scanner
MedicScan® is a Medical card scanner that scans the image of medical card’s into a file.
Insurance card scanner

Insurance card scanner

that scans medical cards and saves both image & data into a file. The data is presented in an interactive image.
Insurance card scanners
Medical card scanner that scans medical card’s image
into a database.
Insurance card scanner MedicScan
Insurance card scanner that scans insurance cards and saves both the image and the extracted textual data, to a database.
Insurance cards scanner
Allows to communicate with the database created by MedicScan® PRO and MedicScan® PRO OCR.
medicscan software

MedicScan OCR true parse
Complying with FTC Red Flags Rule and HIPAA

medicscan software for Red Flags Rule
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MedicScan® is a friendly insurance card scanner system for medical insurance cards made by Acuant (formerly Card Scanning Solutions) - A leading producer of card scanning solutions, which combines state of the art technology with ease of use that is second to none.

MedicScan® automates and speeds up the process of transferring data and images into patient's digital forms, and brings the paperless office revolution to your front desk, significantly increasing efficiency and productivity.

Bundled Hardware:
Insurance card scanner Scanshell 800N Medical card scanner Scanshell 800DXN Insurance cards scanner Scanshell 2000N Medical card scanner Scanshell 3100DN SnapShell

Insurance card scanner

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