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The MedicScan® SDK
Tailored Software Integration Solution for Developers!

As a company that understands the importunacy of providing tailored solutions to specific needs, we are aware to the fact that our scanning solutions can’t always perfectly fit each and every customer working environment. In order for you to provide your customer the best possible solution, sometimes there is a need to integrate our digital capturing technology into custom software solutions.

Therefore, we are proud to offer you professional tools to address this issue and become a powerful custom solution provider that can merge our state-of-the-are scanning technology into existing insurance documents analyzing and editing applications.

The major benefits of integrating with our MedicScan® SDK are:
  • Create and provide your customers with the exact solution they need.
  • Build and design a transparent and automated workflow for specific customer’s environment.

The comprehensive MedicScan® SDK package includes:
  • Integration Files
  • Sample Codes
  • Supporting Documentation

MedicScan® SDK

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