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Distribution Transition FAQ’s

Q: Are the MedicScan® products from Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN) the same as Ambir’s products?

A: Yes. Card Scanning Solutions IS the manufacturer for these products. Nothing has changed in the product line. Every item that you have previously been purchasing is available. We have not modified the products in any way. As has always been the case, CSSN, will continue to improve the product. To this end, we will have some exciting new products coming shortly.

Q: Can I still purchase ScanShell® scanners separately?

A: Yes we have a full line of ScanShell® scanners in stock.

Q: Will warranty coverage change?

A: No. CSSN will continue to honor the factory warranty on your product as well as any extended warranty purchased through Ambir Technologies or an approved Ambir Technologies reseller. Proof of purchase may be required in order to validate your coverage period.

Q: Where should I send my product that needs warranty repair?

A: For technical support and repair needs, please contact CSSN’s Technical Support Department at (213) 867-2630.

Q: Will you support all the same products?

A: Yes. The product line has not changed. Everything that was previously available will continue to be available directly by CSSN.

Q: Do you still offer developer integration for MedicScan®?

A: Yes. Please contact your CSSN account manager for a copy of our SDK and assistance with integrating the MedicScan® product into your application.

Q: Who is Card Scanning Solutions?

A: Card Scanning Solutions is the manufacturer as well as the intellectual property and trademark owner of the MedicScan® and ScanShell product lines.

Q: I purchased a MedicScan® product from Ambir Technologies before January 3, 2009 and I would like to return it.

A: Unfortunately, CSSN is not able to honor returns for refund for products purchased through Ambir Technologies. We will, however, honor all exchanges, technical support, merchandise credit, service and warranty coverage requests for products purchased through this vendor. Please contact Ambir Technologies directly if you need to return a product for refund.

Q: Do I need to set up a new account with CSSN?

A: Yes. Because we are not able to transfer account information from Ambir Technologies, we must set up a new account for you. You can instantly register online at

Q: Do you have ample inventory to meet our needs?

A: Yes. We have thousands of units in stock ready for immediate shipment. Orders received before 1pm CST will usually ship the same day.

Q: Will you honor the same prices and credit terms that I had with the previous partner?

A: In most cases, yes. Please contact your CSSN account manager for details.

Q: What do I need to do if I want to immediately place an order today?

A: You can call one or our representatives at 213/867-2625. In addition, you can also register instantly at

Q: What if I need a Docketport Scanner?

A: You CAN purchase Docketport Scanners from CSSN. Just contact us and we will make the arrangements accordingly.

Q: When does the special "Transition Discount" expire?

A: The special does not have a time limit but it can only be used on your first direct order with CSSN for any quantity.

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