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Key Benefits:
The Scanshell scanners are compact and external power-free.
The scanners are powered by the computer's USB connection, excluding the requirement for an external power supply.

They have a small footprint and are very simple to use - if automatic feeding is enabled, all is needed to do is to feed in a card, and the scanning process will be started and completed automatically.

Using cutting edge technology, the scanner's scan-time is around three seconds meaning batch jobs can be processed at a rate of over 1000 cards per hour.

Scanshell 800N ScanShell 800NR
ID and insurance card scanner
Scanshell 800DXN ScanShell 800DXN
Duplex ID and insurance card scanner
Scanshell 2000N ScanShell 2000NR
Portable A4 document scanner
Scanshell 3000DN ScanShell 3100DN
Portable A4 duplex document scanner
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