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  Medicscan insurance cards reader
Price: $559

Software only
Price: $299

Works with TWAIN scanners

12 Month Warranty Included

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MedicScan® PRO+ ScanShell 800DXN

Scans image to database with duplex insurance card reader

MedicScan ® PRO+ ScanShell® 800DXN insurance card reader enables you to easily scan the images of insurance cards from both sides.
The images of the scanned insurance cards can be:
- Stored into a powerful and flexible database
- Exported to a 3rd party applications

The scanning and image processing are fully automatic. The scan process starts immediately upon the insertion of a card into the insurance card reader and the image processing takes place simultaneously in the background. After which the card's images are inserted into the extensive built-in database.

Key Benefits
Improve customer service
Less paper work
Increases productivity
Reduce human errors

Key Features
  • Easy to use and setup.
  • MedicScan ® PRO produces clear and sharp images.
  • Small footprint duplex insurance card reader.
  • Automatic card-feed detection.
  • Automatic software initiation.
  • Automatic image rotation and alignment.
  • MedicScan® PRO supports a variety of image formats.
  • Sophisticated export engine to 3rd party applications.
  • No external power supply.

Easy to use:
Insert the card into the ScanShell 800DXN insurance card reader. ScanShell 800DXN's automatic card-feed detection mechanism will trigger the scan and scan the card in a matter of seconds. After which MedicScan ® PRO will instantaneously take over the process and export or store the image depending on YOUR settings.

MedicScan® PRO with ScanShell 800DXN insurance card reader:
MedicScan ® PRO allows you to quickly and accurately capture an image of any medical insurance card from both sides of the card (scanning the card once). The extracted images can be then inserted into the extensive built-in database, where they can be sorted, retrieved according to various search criteria, and printed in various formats. The system also allows you to easily export cards' images to various applications.

ScanShell 800DXN Features:
ScanShell 800DXN is a small-footprint, twain compatible, A6 color duplex scanner with up to 600 DPI scanning resolution for sharp and clear images.
ScanShell 800DXN insurance card scanner is connects to your PC through a USB port, thus requiring no external power supply and assures quick data transfer.

Insurance card reader

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