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Complying with FTC Red Flags Rule and HIPAA with MedicScan® OCR

Scans image and data to file with A6 insurance card scanner

On 1 November 2009, the Federal Trade Commission’s, Red Flags Rule will come into effect. The Red Flags Rule is a set of regulations issued by the FTC that requires certain entities to develop and implement policies and procedures to protect against identity theft. Identity theft occurs when someone uses another person’s identifying information and can include social security number, credit card number as well as medical insurance information.

For more information regarding the Red Flags Rule please visit:

The MedicScan® solution allows for the accurate and efficient capturing of medical insurance card information. MedicScan® with OCR True Parse option is an easy to use medical insurance card scanner with extensive OCR capabilities. Operators simply have to insert the medical card into the included ScanShell duplex scanners and in a matter of seconds the user is presented with the text and image from both sides of the card (one or two scans, depending on the scanner) in a user friendly interactive screen. The scanned data can then be saved to a file or exported to integrated applications including patient management systems. By electronically capturing the insurance card information, medical practices have proof and accurate record of a patient’s medical insurance card, which can easily be referenced to ensure that the patient is who they say they are.

The benefits of MedicScan® OCR:
  • Securely stored patient information ­ HIPAA Compliancy
  • Accurate and reliable information - reduced human errors
  • Consolidated business applications
  • Fast and effective business processes
  • Improved customer service and support
  • Reduced paper work
  • Improved workflow, productivity and bottom line

System Integration
MedicScan® can easily be fully integrated into patient management systems with the MedicScan® Software Development Kit (SDK) to further improve the efficiency of handling patient information. The MedicScan® SDK tools enable developers to build custom applications to meet exact business requirements or to simply integrate into an existing system for transparent and automated workflow.

MedicScan® SDK solutions typically use one of the following methods:

1. The image of the scanned medical card is presented to the user. The user is then able to drag and drop data from the processed image directly into existing application fields.

2. The required fields can be pre-populated from the processed image for the user without any intervention.

The comprehensive MedicScan® SDK program includes:
  • Integration Files
  • Sample Code
  • Supporting Documentation

For more information and technical specifications please visit our dedicated developer website at:

Complying with FTC Red Flags Rule and HIPAA with MedicScan® OCR

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